"Nothing quite sexy like a well worn Saree. The perfect balance between what’s hidden and what’s revealed. Let me help you wear it best."




You are beautiful and you have an amazing Saree.  Here are some of our customers.  Their smiles say it all.

Professional Saree Draping Services for Weddings, Movie and Film Sets, and special occasions.  We have been delivering perfect pleats, smiles, and confidence for over 4 years and done Thousands of drapes.


A Wedding is a time when you create memories of a lifetime.  A well-worn Saree makes all the difference.  Make sure you, your family, your bridesmaids, and your guests look their best in Sarees, Dupattas, and Lehangas.


Great scenes in movies need all the details to be right and we make it happen.

Perfect pleats don’t just fall into place. They take skilled pinning, experience with fabric, an eye for style and the ability to predict how the pieces move as you move.


We travel worldwide to provide our Services.


We specialize in doing all kinds of Saree Draping - (elegant, formal, modern, casual etc).


A Saree is a traditional Indian dress.  If worn properly, it can make you look absolutely gorgeous.  You control the balance between the sensual and the traditional.


Let me help you wear that Perfect Saree, Perfectly.



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